Super App to the Web3 world

* Self-custody wallet
* Web3 Dapp browser
* Store cryptocurrencies and NFTs in one place

U2U Wallet U2U Wallet U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet

Multichain available

Unlock the world of crypto
with U2U wallet

U2U Wallet

Self-custody wallet

The private key is only controlled by you, in complete control of your cryptocurrencies.

U2U Wallet

Store in one app

Safely store and manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs right in your Wallet.

U2U Wallet

Privacy for users

Only you can access your U2U wallet. We do not collect any personal data.

U2U Wallet

Simple & secure

Secure & Stealth DeFi wallet in your pocket, thanks to anonymized transactions, military-grade security, next-of-kin asset transfer, and private key control.

U2U Wallet

Super DApps integration

U2U DApp Store where to discover, submit the pefect Web3 tools and DApps.

Experience, track and trade all trending crypto, DeFi, NFT, Gaming.

U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet

Staying in control

The U2U Wallet enables you with several flexible options to buy, sell and receive crypto in a flash.

  • U2U WalletPrivacy for users.
  • U2U WalletLow cost.
  • U2U WalletSecure & easy to use.
U2U Wallet

Explore the DApps with confidence

Smart multi-chain decentralized U2U wallet support store and send cryptocurrencies, trade, invest and earn in Defi.

U2U Wallet

Frequently asked questions about U2U WALLET

Frequently asked questions about U2U WALLET and our crypto currency app. The crypto security for conducting trusted transactions.

Lost recovery phrase or private key, what can i do?

U2U Wallet is a fully decentralized non-custodial wallet. This means that you have complete access over your cryptocurrencies but are also solely responsible for their security. Keep in mind that in the event your phone is broken, stolen, lost or the app is deleted accidentally, U2U Wallet never has access to your funds or the associated 12-Word Recovery Phrase. We do not store any of your personal information on our servers and thus can’t recover your funds if you lose your 12-Word recovery phrase. There is no other way to recover a lost Recovery Phrase.So as much as possible, do a Backup.

How do I connect dApps to my crypto U2U wallet?

Once you've approved a connection request from the app the fugu can send transaction requests to wallet, which is the on your must also manually approve in the U2U Wallet.

Download U2U WALLET now to invest crypto safely

U2U Wallet U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet
U2U Wallet